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AWT, with its state-of-art data centers, has become one of the most advanced Co-location service provider in the country.

Co-location of IT infrastructure is an investment in keeping the company alive in the event of a severe outage. It’s an insurance policy, and like any other insurance, you pay upfront so that you don’t suffer severe losses later. Significant equipment failure, fire and earthquakes are just some of the disasters that can occur with little or no warning. They’re all facts of life, though we wish they weren’t, and their consequences can be devastating. Most businesses today are heavily automated and damage to equipment or data can not only disrupt business continuity and inflict financial losses but also threaten the very survival of a company.
AWT, with its state-of-art data centers, has become one of the most advanced Colocation service provider in the country. You can have ultimate peace of mind with AWT Colocation housed in a highly secure data center by placing your data and equipment within its facilities and feel safe as the AWT Colocation has a 99.95% Up-time Guarantee. Co-locating with us ensures that your IT infrastructure and critical applications will be housed in the highest quality data center facility. As a colocation specialist, we supply the security, connectivity, electricity, air conditioning,
fire suppression and backup power. We supply 24 x 7 x 365 engineering resource to ensure that we maintain our guaranteed uptime record. Our data center provides your organization with a highly secure environment for all your needs.

AWT Co-location Service Features:

• N+1 UPS redundancy.
• Multiple Diesel Generator backup.
• Fully-redundant and conditioned power, mechanical systems & electrical distribution, and  comprehensive suppression with fully controlled physical and logical access.
• On-site 24×7 support provides quick request responses at any conditions.
• High-availability network and system environment with access to high speed local network.
• Multiple levels of electrical and mechanical redundancy protects the system during any event.
• Static transfer switches to protect power load during emergencies.
• Connectivity options with access to high speed local and international network.
• Interconnectivity between multiple service providers.
• Multiple, diverse carriers available.
• Connected to NPIX with high speed local network.